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Club History
Club History

In the years before 1989 there was no official club. There were only one existing Citroen Club held under Svazarm led by Mr Kec. Some of our members can still remember that time it was more just about keeping contacts between individual owners of vehicles 2CV and derivatives mutual technical assistance and also for help in getting spare parts. At these times there were just a few of such cars so mostly all knew each other well.

In the early eighties I came up with the idea to organize a meeting of 2CV owners in the Czech Republic. At that time it was realy bold and difficult to implement. We did not want it by Svazarm participation and any other official action wasn't possible. We've organized the very first meeting in the camp at the dam near Chrudim Sec in1982. About 20 cars came together and I was surprised by the participation of my friends from U.K. as well. It was a little bit exotic for them. This meeting had a number of drawbacks and my friend chairman of the Delta Club Prague 2 (they were hang-glider pilots) offered to hold a meeting since early 1983 at the Louny, where he built the club wooden hangar, called a "Ball". We've met with more or less trouble until the velvet revolution and than we were forced to move meeting place. We then took up the lead early Aero Club, whose meetings are held to the airport today.
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